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How do I register? 
You register by simply selecting either Member Registration or Bidder Registration after deciding which type of account best suits your firm. Our registration wizard will then guide you through the entire registration process during which you will be prompted to create a unique User Identification and Password. We recommend a User ID that is easy to remember and that identifies you to the other members and bidders. It is often a good idea to use your entities name followed by your state's mail identification letters. Once you register you will receive an email notifying you that you may now use the site as a member or bidder.
Where do I go to manage the account? 
On the home page, and on the menubar throughout the website, there is a link to "Members". This is where you find the tools to add and modify Auctions and to manage the rest of your account.
Why do Members and Bidders register separately? 
The site was set up to serve public entities. Anyone who registers as a member can also work as a bidder on the site. Registrants who use the site as a bidder only will not be able to list their own auctions. Should a vendor wish to change his registration from "bidder only" to "listing member", they can do that at any time for no charge.
Who is authorized to use our account? 
The only people authorized to use the account are the ones that the primary account holder authorizes to by issuing them the User Name and Password. You cannot have multiple User Names under one account. Should you wish to have multiple accounts for your entity you should begin the User Name with your entities name and then follow it with the department name or employee's name, then add the State mailing code. An example for Albany, New York's Dept. of Public Works may be: User Name: AlbanyDPWNY
What is the cost to register? 
There is no cost to register.
When is the account activated? 
Your account will be activated immediately. You will receive an email confirming the activation of the account is complete. If you do not receive the email, please contact us to report the problem.