MiBid Internet Auction

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost to list an Auction? 
No. There is never a cost to add, edit, or update a listing. BidCorp.com earns fees only on completed auctions, when goods are sold and delivered.
How many Auction listings can I have? 
There is no limit to the number of listings you can have.
Can I update Auction listings? 
Yes. Queued auctions can be edited and cancelled. Open auctions cannot be edited in order to ensure the bidding members are not confused by changes in description. These features are accessed by clicking on the the "Members" area on the menu bar.
What happens if the buyer does not complete the purchase after becoming the successful bidder? 
BidCorp.com, Inc. has created the appropriate language in our user agreement and disclaimers to the bidders. When a bid is entered on your auction, it is a legally binding contract. Your entity has rights, just as you do when buyers do not follow through with payment on your traditional on-site auctions. BidCorp.com, Inc. is a venue only, and is not responsible for any default on behalf of the bidders using the system.
How do I make shipping and payment arrangements? 
The shipping and payment arrangements are selected by the Listing Member when they create the auction. The shipping details are noted for the bidder on the auction detail page. Any further details should be addressed via email or phone once a winning bidder is selected. Payments are always made directly to the Listing Member and NOT to BidCorp.com, Inc.
What if I can't find the appropriate category? 
As a Listing Member you have the control to create new categories to tailor your auctions to fit your needs.
How do I upload additional documentation to supplement my Auction listing? 
When you create the listing, simply check the "Upload Attachments" box. After you click on "Next", you will be taken to a screen where you can choose up to 12 files located on your PC which will be automatically uploaded to our server. These files will then be available for bidders to download when they view the Auction. These files can be in any format, but we recommend using files types which are widely used and which can be read by your vendors. BidCorp.com recommends using the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file type and we provide a link to download the PDF reader if a vendor does not already have this free software.
How will users know when I have posted an Auction? 
They will be able to find your auction by using our category listings or by performing a search. Bidders may also elect to receive a notification email when an item is listed in a category to which they have subscribed.
Can I upload any file format when creating my Auction listing? 
We strongly encourage the use of a universal document format. For pictures of items being auctioned, please use the .gif or .jpg formats. They greatly reduce the size of the file, and allow for faster viewing by bidders. This will also ensure that all vendors downloading your Auction listing will have the software to read it. The most commonly used file format on www.BidCorp.com is Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Adobe Acrobat is for sale at www.Adobe.com and most computer or office retail stores. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download for anyone, and there are links to the download area in the appropriate places on the www.BidCorp.com website.
How do the bid increments get set by BidCorp.com? 
A bid increment is the minimum amount a new bidder must add to your auction to be recognized as the high bidder. The bid increments are automatically set by our system. The amount of the increment is set by the dollar amount of the bids you are receiving. To see a table of our bid increments click here.
What is proxy bidding? 
Proxy bidding is a feature that is used on all BidCorp.com Auctions. This means that a bidder can submit a maximum bid amount and our system will act as a proxy bidder in their absence, placing updated bids for them while trying to keep the bid price as low as possible. This way, when you are bidding, you do not have to be at the auction every minute monitoring your competition. For more information on proxy bidding, click here.
What is a snipe-proof auction? 
The snipe-proof auction feature automatically extends the end-time of an auction by 5 minutes if a bid is placed on the auction during the last 5 minutes. This prevents bidders from swooping in and grabbing an item at the last second.