MiBid Internet Auction

Surplus Merchandise FAQ Sheet


What is MiBid?
MiBid is the State of Michigan, Department of Management and Budget, Surplus Services, World Wide Web (www.) based Auction website accessed via the Internet. All items posted on the website are sold to the highest bidder just like in a live auction. To contact Surplus Services: (517) 241-4859. Open M-F 7:30-3:00PM.

Can I buy State Surplus items another way?
Yes. The State Surplus Store AND any Vehicles marked “Buy It Now.” All Store and Buy It Now purchases are “cash and carry.”.Any items not sold via MiBid, the state's online auction site, or at live auctions will available for purchase in the State Surplus Store at a fixed price, plus tax. The Buy It Now vehicles have the price written on the windows of the vehicle. The price in the window includes all taxes and fees. Buy It Now vehicles can be purchased 8:00am to 3:00pm, Monday thru Friday. The State Surplus Store is open to the public the 3rd Saturday of each month from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The store is located at 3111 W. St. Joseph Street, Lansing, MI 48917. Surplus Services also occasionally holds Live Public Auctions. You can get a list of dates and locations for these auctions from our Website www.michigan.gov/surplus.

All items must be paid for and removed at the time of sale. Payment may be made in cash, Business or Casheir Checks, Discover, VISA, Mastercard, and debit cards with a VISA or Mastercard logo.

How do I join in the MiBid Auction fun?
Simply log onto the Internet and use your browser to find www.michigan.gov/mibid. Read the “Terms and Conditions,” then click on “My Account” and register to get your User Name and Password.

What if I don’t have a computer?
Computer access and a valid e-mail address are necessary to participate in this online auction format. Perhaps the Public Library, a family member or friend has a computer and will help you to get access to the World Wide Web in order for you to participate in this process.

Is there any cost to place a bid on an Auction item?
No. There is no fee for registering to bid. With the exceptions of the 6% sales tax and in the case of vehicle sales, the administrative fee of $150.00, there is no charge for the Buyer to purchase items. The cost of having the website, posting items for sale and any other fees that may arise are paid by the Seller.

How do I submit a bid?
First, view the Auction main page. Once you find an Auction Item you would like to bid on, simply click on "Bid on this item!" You will need to enter your user name and password along with your bid.

How do I pay for and receive the auction item?
The payment and shipping options are selected by the Seller when they create the auction. You will need to work out specific arrangements with the Seller once you are awarded the auction item via email and/or phone.

Will I be notified if I am awarded the auction item?
Yes. You will be notified via e-mail.

What happens if I want to withdraw or change my bid?
Your bid is a legally binding contract. You are responsible for any bid submitted under your account. Contact BidCorp at support@bidcorp.com for assistance.

Are there any additional surcharges?
Yes, refer to each individual auction for additional fees.

How can I view the attachments supplied with an Auction?
An Auction can include any number of attachments. Although BidCorp.com recommends that Auction attachment pictures be in .gif or .jpeg format, and files be in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), they can be in any number of formats. To view attachments in the PDF format, just download the attachment by clicking on it and then view the file using the PDF Viewer. If you do not have the PDF Viewer, you can download it from our help page.

What are Bid Increments?
A bid increment is the minimum amount a new bidder must add to your auction to be recognized as the high bidder. The bid increments are automatically set by our servers. The amount of the increment is set by the dollar amount of the bids you are receiving. The table of our automatic increments is as follows:
Current High BidIncrement
$0.01 - $99.99$1.00
$100.00 - $499.99$5.00
$500.00 - $999.99$10.00
$1000.00 - $2499.99$25.00
$2500.00 - $4999.99$50.00
$5000.00 and up$100.00

What is proxy bidding?
Proxy bidding is a feature that can be used on all MiBid Auctions. This means that a bidder can submit a maximum bid amount and our system will act as a proxy bidder in their absence, placing updated bids for them, in the required automatic Bid Increments, while trying to keep the bid price as low as possible. This way, when you are bidding, you do not have to be logged onto the auction every minute monitoring your competition. Proxy bidding is the equivalent of you hiring someone to bid on your behalf. An example would be you having a friend attend an auction for you to bid on a picture. You instruct your friend to bid up to, but no more than $50 dollars for the picture. The bidding for the picture begins at $10 dollars. Your friend would bid $11 for you. Then if another bidder bids $12 dollars your friend would bid $13. This would continue until you had won the item, or the bidding exceeded $50 dollars. Proxy bidding makes this process easy for you. BidCorp.com stands in and will act as your friend did in the above example. If the highest amount authorized in your proxy bid is exceeded by another bidder, you will be notified and will have the opportunity to enter a new proxy bid if the auction is still open.

About the maintenance records for surplus vehicles:
We provide any available basic vehicle information prior to making it available for purchase. Buyers have the opportunity to inspect any vehicle, during the dates and times specified in the Auction Item Description, prior to but not after the Bid Closing date and time. Similar to retail vehicle vendors, we do not provide maintenance records for any vehicle.