1989 MARKLIFT Aerial Bucket Lift #M3599 Dimondale MI 48821

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Property location 6951 Crowner Drive Dimondale MI 48821

Relisted due to buyer discrepancy

See Operations & Parts Manual in attachments.

Weighs 12,960 lbs.

Running condition.

Mark Industries Model 45 KB

Rated Capacity 500 LBS.

Maximum Platform Height 45 Feet.

Max. Operating Pressure 2500 PSIG.

Inspection appt. Contact Mike Wonn 517-908-6597 or Steve Kline, 517-908-6564 DTMB-Vehicle & Travel Services 6951 Crowner Drive Dimondale MI 48821

No more information is known.

Winning bidder is solely responsible for bringing the proper equipment, tools, and personnel for removal and transportation. There will be NO loading assistance provided upon pick up. All questions regarding this unit can be directed to Mike Wonn 517-908-6597 or Steve Kline 517-908-6564

Winning Bidder is required to PAY FOR the item and OBTAIN BILL OF SALE at: Surplus Services, 3111 W. St. Joseph St., Lansing, MI 48917, Pay No Later Than 10:00AM Weds. January 16th 2019. If you have questions about payment ONLY, please call (517) 241-4859. 

No one will be admitted to VTS 6951 Crowner Drive Dimondale MI 48821. for the purpose of inspecting or after payment picking up this item without first calling Mike Wonn 517-908-6597 or Steve Kline, 517-908-6564 Mon-Fri, 8AM-2PM to prearrange an appointment. Person picking up this item must have Payment Receipt in hand, Item Must Be Removed, No Later Than 1:00pm Weds. January 16th 2019 And MUST CALL FIRST