MiBid Internet Auctions


Thank you for being a valuable partner in our efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). We would just like to give you (our valued customers) a heads up that wearing masks and scheduling appointments will be required for the purposes of inspecting any auction as well as making payments for auctions won. If you do not have a mask or have an appointment you will NOT be permitted to inspect an auction or enter the Surplus facility.

The State Surplus program works with State Agencies to reutilize and sell State of Michigan surplus property. Surplus also sells confiscated property for the Department of Natural Resources, Michigan State Police, and the Transportation Security Administration. The public is able to purchase State Surplus property at reasonable prices on our auction site, MiBid. Office furniture, vehicles, specialized equipment, and electronic equipment are among the products available. For more information about State Surplus, please email us at DTMB-Surplus@michigan.gov.