Misc. Tile and Home Improvement Supplies

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Misc. Tile and Home Improvement Supplies

-Novo Contract Curve

Ivory 042


Wo-No: 1054192-1-2-3-4

There are 10 boxes. 9 boxes appear to have never been used.

-16 boxes of Johnsonite Vinyl

3 boxes-

CB-16 4inx4ft

Vynil toe 1/8" " Teal 11516-011

4 boxes- of Green Vinyl

1.5 boxes- Dark Gray Vinyl

1.5 boxes- Light Gray Vinyl

1 box- off white Vinyl

There were no tags to verify the exact size/measures of the other Vinyl.

Misc. Tile

-108 pieces of 16x16in Salmon colored tile

-68 pieces of 8x8in Dark Red

-630 approximate pieces of Swansea Cream-H 030101 8x8in (10)

-U.S. Ceramic Tile Company

4 ¼" "x4 ¼" " 15 sq ft/ box

Tender Gray 0761-44 4x4 flat tile

Approximately 740 Sq Ft of tile.

- Glazed Ceramic Tile

1 box=13sq ft

240 approximate pieces.

All supplies are sold as is. Condition of all supplies is unknown. There are some additional misc. supplies included in the Lot. All numbers are counted and added to an approximate sum and are NOT exact. There is no more information known. There will be no hand loading assistance upon pick up. Be aware that this entire Lot is extremely heavy!